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Reviewing for the Examination—Pre-Columbian America to War and Terrorism (2000s)

Thirty-two lessons solidify students' knowledge of material covered on the exam and requires them to complete such tasks as analyzing documents, assessing historical interpretations, composing thesis sentences, writing short essays responding to FRQs, and tackling DBQs. The lessons cover the full sweep of American history and address a variety of topics, including the role of the individual in effecting change; foreign and domestic policy; the influence of geography on U.S. history; the struggles and triumphs of blacks, women, Native Americans; what art, literature, and popular entertainment reveal about the eras that produced them, presidential administrations, and major conflicts. A consumable student worktext (available separately) contains all the lessons in the book. Spiralbound. Illustrated. 8½" x 11". Center for Learning. 296 pages. ©2011.

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CFL733-WBCFL 9781560779308 Activity book with reproducible pages $39.95
CFL733E-WBCFL Downloadable activity book (4.1 MB) $39.95
CFL734-WBCFL 9781560779315 Student worktext $19.95$15.96 (10 or more)
CFL734E-WBCFL Downloadable student worktext (3.7 MB) $19.95

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