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GRAMMAR POWERA two-year program that provides a thorough background in basic grammar


The Essential Elements

This program can be used for two years to give students a thorough background in basic grammar. The core of the workbook explains parts of speech and their usage in eight units (“Sentences,” “Nouns,” “Verbs,” “Pronouns,” “Prepositions,” “Adjectives,” “Adverb,” and “Conjunctions and Interjections”). Punctuation rules and word usage problems are considered in a supplementary section. There are 139 multi-type exercises and seven review tests. The 128-page spiralbound teacher’s guide provides teaching tips, unit tests, a final exam, and answer keys. Grades 6–9. 8" x 11". 128 pages. Center for Learning. Revised edition. ©2013.

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CFL618-WBNYS 9781560779735 Student workbook $19.95$15.96 (10 or more)
CFL620-WBNYS 9781560779728 Teacher's guide $39.95
CFL620E-WBNYS Teacher's guide, student workbook: Downloadable zip file (1.2 MB) $39.95