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THE NYSTROM DESK ATLASAn atlas for advanced students


This sophisticated reference and teaching tool enables students to visualize the world's lands and peoples, compare continents, and understand environmental, economic, and cultural issues through thematic maps. Sections addressing the world and its continents each include three full-sized, shaded-relief reference maps—political relief, land cover, and sculptural relief (elevation)—plus regional maps, thematic maps (climate, precipitation, land use, population, energy resources, and region-specific issues), cross-section elevation profiles, infographics (such as climographs, population growth, ethnic composition, and balance of trade), captioned photographs, and "Issues Today" articles. Additional features: tables of world facts, a glossary, two indexes (of places and themes), and articles on "Understanding Map Projections" and "How to Use This Atlas." 8½"x 11". 240 pages. Fifth Edition. ©2018.

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Also available:

  • STUDENT ACTIVITIES. Fifty activity handouts (one for every two-page spread in the atlas) extend geographic skills, content knowledge, critical thinking skills, and social studies literacy, plus 15 additional information literacy lessons. 8½"x 11". 112 pages.
    Sample activities

  • ATLAS PACK. Combines 30 atlases, the student activity book, and a five-year atlas ebook subscription with online activities.
  • ATLAS EBOOK SUBSCRIPTION. License for one teacher and all of that teacher's students.
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NYS1351-WBCFL 9780782526585 Paperback atlas $21.00$18.90 (5 or more)
NYS5349-WBCFL 9780782526608 Student activity book with literacy lessons $125.00
NYS1953-WBCFL ATLAS PACK: 30 atlases, student activity book with literacy lessons, 5-year atlas ebook subscription with activities $699.00
NYS2200E-WBCFL 5-year atlas ebook subscription $529.00
NYS2230E-WBCFL 9780782524543 5-year atlas ebook subscription with activities $654.00