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The Center for Learning was founded over 40 years ago by a team of innovative literature, language arts, and social studies instructors. Their mission: to help teachers excel in the classroom by providing values-based educational materials that promote critical thinking. Why values-based? Because young people care passionately about values like justice and injustice, so weaving discussions about values into lessons gives students educational experiences they care about. Why critical thinking? Because it is not enough for students to know a thing or two about this great novel or that crucial historical era. Students must know how to question, evaluate, draw well-supported conclusions, and argue persuasively. That’s what Center for Learning curriculum aims to bring to your classroom. The Center for Learning is now a division of Social Studies School Service. Founded in 1965, we take great pride in our company's wealth of experience in providing challenging and inspiring tools for educators. With our Absolute Guarantee, we fully stand behind our educational materials and welcome feedback on how we can meet your evolving needs.

Social Studies School Service
The Center for Learning is a division of Social Studies School Service. For over 50 years, Social Studies School Service has provided the highest-quality supplemental learning materials for teachers and students. We are committed to providing engaging classroom resources that challenge students to think critically, and we constantly strive to offer adaptable materials that facilitate differentiation and connect with students of every learning style and level. In addition to distributing upwards of 15,000 titles from over 1000 publishers, Social Studies School Service is a leading educational publisher in its own right through its many divisions and imprints:

The Writing Company
The Writing Company has been a leader since the early 1980s in bringing together resources to help language arts teachers improve their students' written expression. In addition to writing resources, we carry a wide range of exceptional materials for teaching English, literature, Shakespeare, drama, and journalism. Learn more…

Good Year Books
Since 1973, Good Year Books has published high-quality resources that nurture all kinds of interests while challenging students with inquiry-based learning methods. Good Year titles help students develop skills beyond mere memorization, encouraging them to think critically and ask questions about the material in front of them. Learn more…

Interact’s simulations and projects focus on learning through experience, offering motivating, creative activities that are easy to use and modify to fit the needs of your students and curriculum. Written by teachers for teachers, the activities emphasize teamwork and authentic situations as they help students learn how to analyze and communicate information, share knowledge, and exhibit leadership. Learn more…

Grounded in the belief that students learn best when they are active participants in their own learning, Storypath units present social studies curricula as a narrative that students help create. Students consider settings and characters role-play and make critical decisions, and use portfolios to read, write, research, and complete other activities. Learn more…

Nystrom Education
Nystrom's premium maps, globes, atlases, and hands-on programs and activities help students understand their place in the world and their relationship to other peoples and places. Nystrom products provide experiences directly related to academic success and facilitate greater social studies literacy through content that builds both background knowledge and key skills. In addition, the revolutionary StrataLogica series of multi-layered, Web-based maps lets teachers and students explore the Earth in a hands-on, dynamic way that can motivate even the most reluctant of learners. Learn more…

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