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These supplementary lessons and activities are designed to augment an AP or honors course in economics. Students are challenged to sharpen their understanding, critical thinking, and analytical skills through a combination of practical problems, reading, and analyses. Part 1 introduces students to the world of microeconomics through the study of basic concepts (e.g. resource allocation, supply and demand equilibrium, elasticity of demand, economies of scale, monopoly). Part 2 broadens the focus through the study of macroeconomic topics (e.g. inflation, price indices and the Phillips curve, Keynesian analysis, fiscal and monetary policy, international trade, and economic growth). Includes 40 lessons and 79 handouts. The consumable student workbook provides all the student activity pages with none of the teaching instructions. Illustrated. Spiralbound. 8" x 11". Center for Learning. 231 pages. ©2006.centerforlearning socialstudies

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CFL546-WBCFL 9781560777984 Activity book with reproducible pages $39.95
CFL646-WBCFL 9781560777991 Student workbook $19.95$15.96 (10 or more)