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WRITING SHORT STORIESProvide students with an understanding of the short story and experience writing it


This set of 12 indispensable lesson plans and 24 reproducible handouts provides students with both an understanding of the short story and experience in writing it. After a brief overview of the short story, focusing upon the role played by Edgar Allan Poe in defining the form, an introductory lesson addresses the components of the genre and the eternal question, "How do you decide what to write about?" Subsequent lessons are devoted to core issues such as characterization, point of view, sensory detail, setting, scenes, dialogue, the narrative arc, and plot. A final lesson, "The Writing Workshop," offers a structure for engaging students in constructive critical reading, peer responses, and revision. Grades 7–12. Spiralbound. 8" x 11". Center for Learning. 63 pages. ©1998.centerforlearning

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CFL595-WBCFL 9781560775386 Lessons with reproducible pages $29.95

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