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These 80 lessons involve students in a critical-thinking approach to standard topics in U.S. government courses. Aided by such reproducible materials as readings, graphs, charts, diagrams, graphic organizers, and political cartoons, the thematically arranged lessons help students understand the theoretical basis of our government and the practical workings of our political system. Often the lessons explain a general principle but then complicate the theoretical understanding by asking students to apply the general principle to a specific controversial contemporary issue. Each flexible lesson plan includes objectives, procedures, extension ideas, and notes situating the lesson in wider historical or social contexts. Grades 9–12. Spiralbound. 8" x 11". Center for Learning. Revised editions. ©2005.advancedplacement centerforlearning govtfundamentals socialstudies
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WCB135-WBCFL COMPLETE SET: 2 books with reproducible pages $75.90

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